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Reflux and Yeast


When a baby has acid reflux and the mother has a yeast infection of her nipples and areolae, it can be more challenging to improve the mothers infection and pain.  One of the reasons for this may be that the yeast that a baby has is in the entire gastrointestinal tract (gut).  When a baby with yeast is treated with nystatin oral suspension, this treatment is topical (mouth only), and does not significantly decrease the amount of yeast in the rest of the gut.  So, when the baby spits up, he/she is constantly recolonizing the mouth with more yeast and that yeast is transferred to the motherís breast during nursing. 


Treatment recommendations for yeast when the baby has acid reflux: 

  1.  Treat the baby with fluconazole, rather than topical nystatin.      
  2. If the baby takes a bottle, mix ľ teaspoon of acidophilus in the bottle once a day.       
  3. Wipe or rinse your nipples and areolae with water after nursing.  Let dry before applying any ointment mixture you were prescribed.
  4. As always, I recommend treating the baby and mother with the same antifungal, so speak with your doctor about taking fluconazole.      
  5. Once medication is finished, continue to rub acidophilus on your nipples and areolae, and on the babyís mouth, once a day after feeding. 

Refer to the Yeast article.