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Milk Decrease In Later Weeks

The most common reason for this to occur is the following:

Initially, when the breasts make milk, they are responding to hormonal stimulation, and will often make more than what the baby requires. When the breast contains plenty of milk and the milk lets down easily, the baby does not have to make a big effort to get the milk. The baby gets on the breast, makes minimal effort to get milk and is easily satisfied.

After the first six weeks, the hormones of milk making start to decrease. At this time, the breasts start to refill only what is removed from them. Also, around this time, babies start to sleep longer at night. Both of these factors cause a decrease in milk production and milk flow.

The baby, still expecting to get the milk he/she needs, does not change the way he/she sucks and therefore drives the supply further down.

In this scenario, the mother whose baby who was gaining very well in the first two months, then returns for the four month visit only to find that the weight gain has slowed significantly.

In most of these cases, the milk production can be increased quickly.

  • First, nurse the baby on both sides at each feed.
  • Increase the frequency of nursing sessions.
  • Pump after feeds if you have milk left in the breasts.
  • Consider taking herbs and medications to increase milk.
  • Domperidone works effectively and quickly in this situation.

Other Reason Why Normal Milk Production May Decrease:

  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Recurrent Blocked Ducts / Mastitis
  • Infrequent Feedings
  • One Sided Feedings
  • Ineffective Feedings (ex. Congested Baby)
  • Ineffective Pump
  • Medications
  • Significant Stress