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Mass / Lump

If you find a mass, lump, or hard area in your breast while you are nursing, it is most likely related to milk back-up and inflammation.

First, if the mass has only been present for a few days, is painful and you donít have fever or overlying redness, it is likely a new blocked duct and you should follow the treatment protocol for blocked duct. If youíve been icing and massaging for 5 days and the mass persists, call your doctor to see if he/she is willing to try antibiotics. If the mass is still present after an antibiotic trial, you should get a sonogram to rule out abscess.

If you have fever or redness overlying the mass, you may have mastitis and should contact your doctor as soon as possible. See mastitis protocol.

If you noted the mass many days ago and it has not gone away, have it examined by your doctor and he/she will decide if you need a sonogram. A sonogram will show if it is a fluid filled cyst (galactocele), an abscess, inflamed tissue or a solid mass. This information will be enable your doctor to decide how best to treat you.

You should always have a mass in the breast evaluated if it persists. Do not wait until you stop breastfeeding.