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Deep Pain

The most common causes of deep breast pain are:

Plugged Duct

  • hard painful area in part of the breast
  • may start with just a sore feeling in the breast
  • if the blockage is very deep, you may only feel pain and not hardness
  • may have redness over the skin


  • same symptoms as blocked duct but with fever


  • fullness or hardness of the entire breast
  • may extend to breast tissue in the armpit

Inflamed duct / bleb/ milk blister

  • white dot, yellow scab, blood blister or bloody scab on nipple tip-pain during nursing, after nursing or both
  • usually only on one side, but can be on both

Yeast infection

  • Sharp shooting pains, deep in both breasts between feeds is a later sign of yeast
  • yeast that causes deep pain will also have:
  • Pain on latch-on that usually improves during the feeding.
  • Burning, stinging discomfort of the nipples and areolae between feeds.
  • Sensitivity of nipples to anything that lightly brushes against them.
  • Painful or uncomfortable letdown.

Vascular spasm

  • When blood vessels clamp up and don't allow enough blood and oxygen to the breast tissue, nipple and/or areolae.
  • Stabbing, aching, throbbing or shooting pain.
  • Can be severe, intense pain.
  • Usually feels worse in the cold.

Pump Trauma

  • may occur if you are pumping for long periods of time
  • or pumping at too high of a vacuum

Let down

  • small stabbing or "electric shock" pains when the breast is filling
  • lasts only a few seconds
  • should not be very painful
  • yeast infections and vascular spasms can make let down sensations more painful