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Blocked / Plugged / Clogged Duct


  • Hard painful area in part of the breast.
  • May start with just a sore feeling in the breast.
  • May have redness over the skin.
If you have fever, chills, sweats or body aches, call your doctor because this may be mastitis and require antibiotics

Treatment for Blocked Duct:

  1. Decrease inflammation: Ice the affected area the entire time between feedings or pumpingsPut a cloth between the ice pack and your skin so you don't get an ice burn.
  2. Directly before feeding put a warm wet towel over the affected area and make sure to cover the nipple for 3 to 5 minutes
  3. During feedings, massage breasts as follows:
Use olive oil on your fingers to help them glide over the skin. Start massage 1 inch away from baby's mouth and glide your fingers toward the nipple. Massage the enter section of the breast starting from 1 inch away.

Then move your fingers to 2 inches away from the baby's mouth and again glide your fingers toward nipple. Continue to massage entire area from 2 inch point.

Then start your massage from 3 inches away, then 4 inches away, etc. until you get to the outer edge of the breast and you are gliding all the way toward the baby's mouth.

**Why do we start massage close at first? Most blockages originate behind the nipple and the hardness/ soreness we feel is back up of milk and inflammation. If you are able to clear the blockage at its origin, everything else from further back will flow out much more easily.

**If the block doesn't clear after 4 or 5 days, call your doctor, you may need antibiotics. If after one week of antibiotics, the block has not decreased in size, speak with your doctor, you may need a sonogram.